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She opened the door and came in. In the dim light I could see she was barely dressed, only wearing a small thong and a shirt that was so small it wasn...t even worth wearing. "Dad, I'm cold! Can I crawl up next to you?" she asked. "I understand that, seeing what you have on, or better, haven't got on," I replied. But, seeing no harm, I agreed, and she stepped in her mothers’ bed."Can you put your arm around me, Dad?", she asked. She lifted her shoulders off the bed, and I put my right arm around. And I keep having these dreams about, well, sucking a cock, but the cock of a shemale.” “Really”, you replied in a coy voice, “What else have you thought of?” “I’ve thought about putting a shemale on her hands and knees, burying my cock in her ass. I’d love to pull out before I cum and orgasm all over her ass and balls.” “Is that all?”, you asked almost hesitantly. “As long as I’m telling the truth, actually no. I’d love for you and I to share her cock and suck her at the same time. I’d want to. Those are really cute on you." Aww, thanks Nikki. You're so sweet. But I like the way yours fit SOmuch better! You have such a nice, flat front. My cock doesn't hide aseasily as yours," Aiden said with a frown.Nikki started to get upset that Aiden could say such a mean thing, thenhe realized that it was meant as a compliment. "You ... you really WANTyour thing...umm your co...cock to be smaller?" OMG, totally! I have to be SO careful when I'm wearing leggings ortight jeans, or I can have a. Armed with our previous encounters knowledge, that John had seen my bottom through my lacy green knickers, I felt relaxed in knowing he had been there and thought we might assume a little more closer, with our little encounter that night, a long time ago.I devilishly thought about this as I pulled on my high-cut thong and stay-up stockings, wondering and hoping perhaps, that John was still as ignorant as he was when we first met.When he arrived I was taken aback at how he had aged, he looked so.

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