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"Aren't you one of thebridesmaids?" I asked. "Yes. I'm just about to collect the bride and takeher to the hairdresser's," she replied. "But this is fo... you. Specialdelivery. You'd better open it straight away." She handed me a parcel andleft.I unwrapped the parcel. There was a package inside. The logo on thepackage read "Bridal Boutique". I opened the package. It contained a setof white underwear. A suspender-belt. A pair of silky knickers with alittle bit of lace and dainty frills around the. She walked down the hall, looking over her shoulder to see him watching her. As she walked into the galley, however, she saw the lights flicker and she could hear what sounded vaguely like rending metal. She looked out into the corridor just in time to see someone step out of an aperture. She assumed it was Idris, but they were dressed in full body armor. He walked past the galley and slowed a moment, turning to her. The face plate opened and he pointed. ‘Stay in the galley.’ He didn’t wait for. Here’s the thing you might think how can a gf say something like this, we were in a relationship for more than 4 years and we know each other pretty well inside out. She knows me and my wicked mind.She kept saying that she is normal and she is not that slutty or kinky, but here are some of her fantasies and you tell me what do you think about it: she always had this thing for older guys, and she use to watch lot of old guys porn. She always use to kind of complain that I have slept with only. She had a big smile and when I pushed my finger into her a little more, she wiggled a little. Keeping my finger in her ass as she started moving up and down on my cock, I really felt she was into it and as she continued to bob up and down, I felt I was going to cum. Putting her hands on my chest, she looked at me and when Anna smiled and lean forward to kiss me, my cock suddenly slipped out again. I quickly reached behind her and taking hold of my cock, I deliberately tried to push it into her.

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