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“As far as I know there's no place in the whole city that sells any quality items. There's a BDSM club on the next block over but they don't sell an...thing.” Mike had come up next to me and heard the gist of our conversation and asked, “Do you think a place that specializes in bondage things would make a go of it?” “If the traffic in and out of there is any indication, I'd have to say yes.” “Cool,” Mike replied and handed the lady a credit card. “Oh yeah, do you know what kind of business was in. Her mons was gently rounded, soft and full. A light coating of straight russet fur lay flat on her mons, following the contours leading to her cleft. The hair was sparse enough that it couldn't hide the delicate lacing of her inner lips peeking shyly out, nor the firm nubbin of her clitoris still in its sheath.She turned away from him to climb onto the bed, and he was stunned yet again. Her ass was every bit as delightful as his hands had informed him. Just as smooth and pale as the rest of. She walked about the house half-naked, checking her profile in the mirror - nothing seemed to be growing inside her, so they carried on fucking every afternoon.They never knew which of them was infertile as they sucked and fucked - Jack filling Jill's mouth, arse and pussy in turn, until it flowed down her thighs, before licking her clean before tea.They had missed a few sessions at the hut due to having to go on holiday with parents and homework and stuff and were feeling really randy when. It felt so good but I did not want shoot my wad in my pants. Carrie knew what she was doing as she reached down and started to stroke my cock from outside my pants. When I told her I was about to cum, she looked at me and smiled, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my fly and slid my jeans and boxer shorts off in one motion. I was standing there with 7" of young manhood standing straight up. Carrie walked me over the couch and had me stretch out and before I knew what was happening she was sucking.

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