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I got up and laid over her knees she then lowered my knickers to my ankles and began to spank me. Blows rained down over both my cheeks which were soo... stinging and glowing red. Tears began to form in my eyes as the assault continued. Suddenly she stopped and said "you are making my hand hurt with this spanking now I am really going to have to teach you a lesson, you little slut" she then ordered me to stand up and go to the end of the bed. She then had me bend over the metal bed end while she. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa moodaga irunthathu, avan mutham seithu konde en pundaiku vanthu naakal naka aarambithaan. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa avan en pundaiyai nandraaga naakal naki uriya aarambithaan, sugamaaga irunthathu. Ithanai natkalaaga aripu edutha en pundiayai ravi nakinaan, kaiyai porumaiyaaga eduthu vanthu en mulaiyai kasaka aarambithaan.Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa inbamaaga irunthathu, naakai nandraaga pundai ootaikul vitu vitu eduthu nakinaan. Avan thalaiyil kai vaithu thadavi koduthen, inbamaaga. I understood theleering look of the Man on me now. I shuddered at the thought that a manfound me attractive and that I have painstakingly gone through the lastcouple of hours to look attractive for him."Remember what I told you last night," my mother whispered to my ears.Yes I did remember, the sordid details of what a man expects from a wifeon their wedding night. What he likes to hear, how I am supposed tobehave. And yes the pain that I would feel, but to remember about theneeds of my. And so were most of his disciples.’ Michael looks up, surprised. ‘Jesus was Jewish?’ ‘Yes,’ I nod, ‘but—ˮ ‘So why don’t you believe in him the way mom does, dad?’ ‘Well, because the Jews in Jesus’ time expected the true messiah to free them from the yoke of Roman oppression,’ I explain, reiterating what one of my Hebrew schoolteachers told me years ago. ‘Jesus didn’t do that, therefore, they couldn’t accept him as the real messiah.’ ‘That’s not the way Christians see it,’ Jill says, addressing.

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