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I shivered at her touch, and she murmured under her breath, “Si belle, si belle.” Then she smiled again. “So, how do you feel?”I giggled nervo...sly. “It’s awesome. But what if someone comes?”“That’s when the fun begins. Come with me, and I’ll show you.”She put out her hand, and I took it. Mine was sweating a bit, but her grip was firm and confident. She squeezed.“Now, put your clothing in your room and give me your key-card,” she said. I did as she told me, and she slipped the card into a small. ”Eagerly, she scampered off to the kitchen, and I pulled her sister up into my lap.“But in the meantime, I still want a show,” I confided to the petite teen, as I snugged her up against my erection. “What should we do to Jaime right now?”“Oooh...” she smiled and snuggled her hip into my crotch. “Can I fist her?”“Perfect.” I leaned in and kissed her. She responded tentatively, flicking the tip of her tongue against my lips.I continued kising her for a moment longer after Jaime returned, brushing. I looked at him approvingly and said, “You DO look good in this car”. He smiled, and looked at me, then he leaned toward me and gently removed a small leaf that had settled on my shoulder. It was such a tender gesture that I found myself automatically leaning my cheek towards his hand. He brushed my cheek gently, ran his hand through his wavy brown hair, and floored the accelerator. I knew at that moment that I had to have him. Lust welled up in my breast like a flood, and I knew my pussy was. Alex agreed, said i was the only one he has gone bare with. i told him I can't get pregnant, so no worry there. We laughed as we began to tickle each other. i could hear a phone ringing a strange tune. Alex's phone was going off, he said that he's got to get dressed for work. he jumped in the shower real quick, got dressed in his white button down and his black slacks. He got a new job at the Italian restraunt down in town. I asked if he got good tips. He says he always does with the.

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