It was a couple of days later that i was getting bored as the summer holidays were drawing to a close and it would be time to go back to college, when...i suddenly thought il pop over and have a look at them programmes, so off i went and knocked on the old mans door,the door opened and the man stood there in a dressing gown saying, hello young man come in come in,when i got inside it smelled of stale cigarettes and the walls and ceilings were a bit smoke stained but on the whole not to bad.The. Now I like pretty much the same but I slide more towards balding or bald men.Q: Why are uncut cocks and big balls the best for you?A: Just a personal preference.Q: Did you ever witness any male bodies with 'angel lust'? If so, how did they die to have this condition and how long did they have it?A: I've come into contact with a few. Most are younger men that have had a lot of medication at the hospital before they have passed and it's been pumped through their veins with chest compressions.. When she finally let me go I fell to my ass, a long strand of spit and semen connected our chins. ‘Mom . . . (cough, cough) . . . the fuck . . . the fuck happened? How long was I out?’ ‘Only a day, sugar-stick, but my what a day. I think everything in your little life has gone upside down. You must feel like that dumb little bitch Alice, who fell into Wonderland or something. To be honest I’ve never read that one, but I did play the queen in a porno of it.’ ‘Mom,’ I almost cried. ‘Are you . .. She passed the pipe to Christina wondering if she would wimp out, she looked nervous, but she took it right away and sucked in the smoke then started to cough like crazy. Tommy moved right up to her and pounded her lightly on the back as she bent over. ‘Holy shit,’ she gasped and passed the pipe to Tommy. The buzz hit her right away and she felt chills up her spine and into her neck. ‘Whooooo Weeee!’ she said after she took her second toke, she was feeling great. ‘Here man, for the throat,’.

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