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Bob closed the gate as the announcement that the mall was closing sounded over the PA. Miranda approached the gate and checked the GPS on her cell pho...e. She left and circled around to the back of the mall, waiting until all the cars were gone from the employee lot. Apparently, Bob had left just after closing the gate, because no one else came out. She returned to her own car, parked under one of the unbroken lights, her stun gun nonetheless at the ready. She opened the trunk and pulled out a. I walked out with the only things I hadn't taken off, which were my stockings and panties. My tits were out for all to enjoy. Terry and his friends were very pleased, and excited I could tell to see me dressed this way. Terry’s friends had already been drinking a little before they came over. The guys said they were bored and thought they would see what we were up to and maybe we all could head out for a few beers at the usual hangout. I sat on the arm of the couch, just about completely. In order to try to make us cum together, he reached down and began to massage my swollen clit with his thumbs. ‘Toooooodd. Please… don’t… stop… Yes. Yesssss… Oooohhh… I’m cuuuummmiiiiiing!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHH.’ With that, he shot a huge load of cum up inside of me. We both slumped down and fell asleep like that. We woke a couple hours later with him still inside of me. We lay on our sides and he spooned me from behind. I was pleasantly surprised to feel his cock hard against my butt. Without a. After some consideration we decided against both those options -- Hoda wanted to be a real mother and bear a child, but the idea of a clinic and a sperm donor was not appealing, and the cost was another factor. Instead, we agreed that there was another more natural way she could become pregnant -- we would find our own donor who could deliver the goods in the traditional way. Being a broad-minded young couple neither of us had any problem with this idea. I even confessed to Hoda that the.

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