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Naa pookunu nemmadiga naakuthoo naa love button ni … adenandi baboo naa gollini vellatho naluputhunnadu. Malli thana vella ninda ummi tho wet chesi ...antho na pussyni wet chesaadu.. lopalnunchi vooruthunna vootalatho na pooku already poorthiga wet ayindi. He licked it gently and then started teasing my clit with his fingers. Ala naa dimmanu wet chesina tharuvaatha melliga naa slip ni pyki lepa sagadu. Nenu inka nidra pretend chesthune nidralo lepi natluga naa veepuni pyki lepaanu. Thathaih. No,the bedroom wardrobe was the place. She would come in, throw her clothes offand head for the bathroom and I would be waiting. In the meantime, as I looked around, our little Mandy took on a new personality.Tucked away in the bedside table were vibrators and other satisfying devicesbut then a little rummaging through the chest of drawers and lo and behold,a latex cat suit and all sorts of lovely fetish wear, even a can of baby powder. The wardrobe held various clothing items made of leather. So where are we going to eat? Just a little beach café, down the road. They do great sandwiches. If you like sandwiches? He asked me sheepishly, like he had forgotten whether I liked sandwiches or not. I like everything. You can put anything in front of me and I will most likely eat it. What about if I was put in front of you. Would you eat me? I looked up at him. He had his sexy smirk back on. Maybe. I allowed. Good enough, he shrugged. I shook my head. Lemme ask you something Taylor.. My wife looked at me in a strange way as well then smiled and leaned forward to Mike and she put her hand on his shoulder and asked him if he was truly that interested. Then Shelly spoke up and really surprised me as she said that the whole thing sounded fun and was game if everyone else was. I looked at Shelly, put my arms out to her, and said yes, she moved over and leaned back into me and pulled my arms around her. Mike was still sitting there not moving, as he looked a little stunned. I was.

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