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I closed my eyes and went into deep sleep.. Morning when I woke up, I found my sis still sleeping like a baby on my chest.. I slowly pushed her hair a...art and laid a kiss on her cheeks to which she opened her eyes gradually.. Me: good morning my darling, wake up.. We have a lot of things to do.. Sis: morning darling.. Ya I have to get to office early.. Have a lot of work to do.. That day we took bath together and I soaped and washed clean every inch of her body while she bathed me..We had one. "I've got nine joints in my bag." Great, we can get completely stoned on them." And there's a new bottle of vodka as well," adds daddy with a grin.I part my legs slightly as Candy rests a hand on my thigh and leans over to whisper again."Just think about it," she says to daddy."Two sixteen year old girls, nine joints and a bottle of vodka, can you imagine how fucking horny us two get when we're in the mood?" Yes," he laughs, "I think I can." My cunt's soaking already daddy," I say softly. "And. I came faster than I ever have. Did I do good?”“You did very well, Maria It was beautiful watching you out there. I hope I get to see you orgasm many times more. I have another test for you and if you pass it, the job is yours, if you still want it. But I’ll let you rest for a bit before we start the next test. Sit back down.” She sat down and kept her legs open for me. I wanted to see more so I had her put her legs over the arms of the chair to open herself up to me as much as. He hasn't an ego so has nothing to prove. He does have a keen sense of humor. That's part of the reason he left you with me."Shan looked a little shocked. I continued. "I am not 'available' to anyone but him."He was quiet. I decided to dig in the spur. "Alliances with our communities must be based upon equality of the communities and of the sexes. It appears that there can be no long term alliance with your people. We will leave you to work out your future but I think it is doubtful that we.

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