I turned to most of us and said, “Back to the party ... and damn, I was about to have a very nice climax when I was so rudely interrupted.”After s...me teasing and laughter we went and told the others what we knew, and that the threat was over. Lucas made another sweep of the patio and surrounding buildings, but saw nothing and heard nothing else flying around over three hundred feet above the street level. There were no more drones.I collected Margo again, and we headed back to the master. ..” Noah started. He stopped talking abruptly. “I have to tell the truth, right Daddy? That’s what the Cub Scout Oath says.”“Absolutely,” I agreed.“I need to keep my promises, right?” Noah asked.“Of course,” I confirmed. “You promised your brother not to say anything about his problem at school?”“I did,” Noah answered.“How can Mom-Mom or I help Connor with his problem if you two won’t tell us what the problem is?” I asked. “Can Miss Beiler or Mrs. Herr help you boys with this?”“They haven’t. Ta vitare ta dudha ku mu ta blouse upare chippi chali thae.Se khali uhhh ahha ahha voice re room ta kampeu dau thae.Ta pare .Setiki re mo deha kn hei jau thae.Ta pare lili mo pant uparu mo musala 8inch ra banda ku dharila.Au to smile dei kahila. Aeita vitare kn achhi.Mu kiss gote dei kahili nije dekhuna.See me pant belt kholi la.Ta pare mo pant buttom kholi dela.Au chhadi upare mo banda ku kiss kala.Banda mora sete bela ku gote luha rod pari hei thae.Ta. Pare se mo chadi kholi dela.Au banda ku. "Simon groaned and Rhea shouted at the stricken gentleman."I would like us to try and work through our problems. It will take months, years probably, and I may never be able to trust you again, but I would like to try. For Izzy."Simon wailed and got up to hug Rhea who halted his progress with an outstretched knee in his genitals. He collapsed prostrate and Rhea stood over him. "You do not touch me," she shouted. Simon groaned in agony but Rhea was unrepentant. "Oh come on, two weeks ago you.

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