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A Night At The ClubWe've gone out to dinner and afterward we go to a club for a few drinks and some dancing. All goes well until it gets near closing ...ime for the club. The DJ plays a number of slow songs in a row and as we dance a young man comes up and starts to rub against you from behind.I push him away and tell him that you're with me and he should back off.A couple of the guys he's with come up and grab me and pull me away from you. They overturn one of the tables next to the dance floor. He, Aaron and Bella had pushed their limits with their compound building efforts. Bindy had dragged Aaron and Bella off to do the same thing.The others had chuckled and let them go find a room. Pat took over guard duties and told Que and Whitney to get some sleep while they could. They would be busy ladies once the rescued people started waking up.James had flopped naked onto one side of the bed seconds after Dusty had hit it and its sheets and pillows with a ‘clean and disinfect’ spell. The. Now she was hanging only by her wrists, which must be very painful . On every screen we saw all the images from the camera's which the - lurkers- could shoos . The 2 cameramen were zooming in to her - what once was beautiful - crying face, the other to her trembling legs and feet. They went away by the assistant that stood behind her gave his first lash . I never hear such terrible cry in my life; it was heartbreaking; her whole body was shaking like a reed. The whip went all the way around her. It is just my body which hasbeen changed to a woman. The outside world think I had a sex change. I amattracted to men, now who treat me like a second-class citizen. I oftenfeel suicidal and if there was a way to undo this, I would be happy. Ihave learned my lesson through what I have experienced."The Judge replied, "We will see what we can do to undo this misjustice atthe end of the trial.Kyle's mother stepped off the witness bench and went to sit by her son."Mom, I am sorry to see you hurt and.

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