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We ate in silence keeping our thoughts to ourselves. As we were finishing up our coffee I asked Jerri, "Does someone from the law firm live in this bu...ld and do they have a key?" Yes, Selma Ortega, a Legal Assistant, who lives on the third floor with her husband.Why?" It would explain why the doorman didn't report someone entering the building and the absents of forced entry." Selma wouldn't do that I have babysat on occasion for her!" stated Cindy vehemently."I'm not saying she did but I would. ”“Irene is in love,” Stephen said pronouncing love more like ‘luuuv.’Magus stepped out of his office and said, “Wonderful powers of deduction, Titus. Do you care to guess the identity of her love interest?”“It wouldn’t happen to be Leland Bowne, would it?”“Nailed it in one,” Magus said.“Considering that it is stamped on her forehead, how could I miss?” Stephen said.Irene wrinkled her face at Stephen and said, “It isn’t stamped on my forehead.”“So how is Leland Bowne?” Stephen asked.“He’s the. ”We dried off and got in bed together. Father looked at me and asked, “Naked?”“NAKED!” I replied.Father turned his back to me and I slid up close behind him and pressed my hairless mound against the strong muscles of his ass and my budding tits against his back. I whispered, “I’m cuddling you now. When we are like this I’m trying to share love with you and help you feel calm and relaxed. I want to help you feel like I take your stress away when I hold you like this. Now I’m going to turn over. I could feel a breeze playing with my hair and the hem ofmy skirt and I let it happen enjoying the feeling, looking at the skyand its sparse groups of white clouds. I just stood there, listening tothe birds, the hum of insects until about five minutes later I felt apresence beside me. It was the warder and he looked at me for a momentand said. "You have the appearance of somebody who is taking a lastlook at the view before entering the prison for a long sentence." Something like that, I feel.

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