Not surprisingly I very much wanted to meet her, and I asked her many times if she would meet me so we could make the dreams come (and cum) true. But...she consistently resisted. She wanted to stay at least physically faithful to her husband even though she had found out that he had been having an affair. The story which follows is imaginary, but it is special because it actually led to our first of many real meetings. I wrote the story after Pammie had asked me to write about what might. At lunch, in the building's cafeteria, I overheard Lisa talking to hergroup of friends about her corset. She was telling them that she had been"stealthing" her corset on occasion, under her outfits. She decided thatshe was going to occasionally wear her corset as part of her outfit. Theconversation went back-and-forth about the pros and cons of corsets. Someof the women thought that corsets were a ridiculous relic of past. Otherscould see the benefits and allure.I wanted to jump into the. I ran my fingers over the desk and flicked on the small writing lamp. The desk was perfect not a scratch or mark on it. I slowly slid open the draw to my left it was neatly arranged with writing utensils on the left and perfectly stacked writing paper on the right, I slide the draw back in and tried the one on my right it didn’t move.I leant forward and examined the draw, there was a small hole next to the handle. I remembered the small brass key and removed it from my pocket, it slid straight. I guess since she was so buzzed, she really did not mind me being so forward. She said it felt good. So, slowly I would rub higher and higher until I got up near her inner thighs. Once there her hand was beginning to rub back.She must have been much buzzed because I then slide my finger up her shorts and started to rub her pussy thru her panties. She seems to like it because she started to squirm a bit. Just then she pushed me off and kind of got a bit mad and asked what I thought I was doing..

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