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Let it never be said that the Omugi do not honor our obligations to the gods!" Dawn cried above the rising din.The drum started again, and the crowd p...rted once more. This time, it was Rose and Eve who, dressed in the fringed outfits they had met me in last night, began walking towards the platform. This time, they also wore headdresses made of beads and feathers, and each carried a bouquet of fresh cut flowers in their hands.The ceremony was thankfully brief, with each of the girls giving. .." She paused and blushed, leaned over again and whispered in my ear, "I haven't had cock in a while, please?" How was I to respond, except, "Anything Mom, you've been so good to me." She said, "Why don't you go into the guest room and get undressed, lay down on your back, I'll be right there." I went upstairs, got undressed, and lay on my back. I heard Mom's steps coming up the stairs, then heard the 'click' as she turned on the bright hall light. It overpowered the dim light of the lamp. He looked across at me, to see if was going to object about what he was doing, but my smile and lack of protestation, gave him the go ahead.'When you were sixteen Emma', he asked, as his eyes looked at the stockinged thigh and began to mover ever so slowly up to the short hem of her skirt, 'did you get naughty that night'?My heart was pounding, he was still to see her naked cunt, and I wondered how he would react, and still he moved slowly upwards until his fingers rested on the hemline, he saw. While I had the head of his cock in my throat I started making my throat muscles vibrate by humming and then slipped my finger in further and started massaging his prostate.Well that did it for him and his little bunghole clamped down tight on my finger. I was soon drinking directly from the tap as he hosed down the inside of my throat with spurt after spurt after spurt of delicious baby batter.I stayed like that for a while, continuing to nurse on his manhood. Then he did the strangest.

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