Get to work!" He filled my arms with piles of reports, and sat me at his desk, like a school-boy while he packed, furiously. "I'll check your progress... from the airport!" As I sighed, and leafed through the boring eight-hundred page financial prospectus the beautiful woman from the health spa walked in. "I thought you were meeting me in the limo," he blazed at her. "I can't go," she quietly announced. "I need you with me to offer an attractive face to the new investors!" Trembling, I stared at. We could do it next week!"And so it was settled. She made an appointment with an OB/GYN doctor and I took the day off to take her. When the day came for her appointment, Anna could barely sit still in the doctor's office until her name was called. Anna introduced me as her boyfriend just to keep the questions to a minimum and we went in to get her checked out."Yes, Anna you are definitely pregnant. About two or three weeks now. It's just a tiny thing, about the size of a poppy seed right now,. Will I need to dress up?''Nudity ain't acceptable in this town. No leather though, OK?' She rolled her eyes.'No leather. Right.' She lay down again and I tried to get into the hammock without catching the end of my cock in the mesh. If she didn't put out tonight I was gonna go fuckin' crazy. When I glanced over at her she was lying quiet, eyes closed, legs parted a little, one hand on her plump little mound, her fingers stroking it real slow. Way to go, Candice. I hoped she was thinking of me. She had no information in her archives and had to go from what she observed. She was able to get some data from the mighty ships orbiting the Earth. The T'aut were a meek race too and had a reptilian ancestry. All had been featured, one time each, in Mom's TV shows. Other races had their own time on the show. Their characteristics were given and it was easy to see that they would be of little help in any conflict.One other race was not mentioned yet. When the Nautilus was completely empty and.

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