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Quite the opposite. This is your boat so do as you wish, But R might object. Letting another guy this close to your hot, naked, body!” “Hell, he d...esn’t care a jot. Look, let’s get this right. I’m his status symbol on his arm and he’s my meal ticket to luxury. All he wants is for me to wank him occasionally as he fondles me. He doesn’t care at all. He knows of my fun times. And I get my ‘fun’ with people I like.” And with that she stripped off her tiny string-tied, triangle of cloth. Oh. I felt. Doesn't shelook beautiful tonight? How are you Holly dear?" I am well thank you Mistress Anna," Sissy Holly replied, giving alittle curtsey as she did so. Holly had been in training for over twoyears even though she was only 20 years old, and she was very obedientand very girlish despite the evidence of her 8" cock erect in her pinksatin pantaloons. A pearl was fastened to her bare belly button and shehad on a pink satin top that exposed her developing breasts. She toohad on 4" baby pink pumps. She asked was I ready to fuck her and I nodded not sure what was going to happen.Sally lead me to the bedroom and took her top off and removed her shorts standing naked infront of me. I could feel my penis growing and inch a second or seemed like that. She came over to me and said don't be shy and pulled off my shirt and undid my pants and dropped them to the floor. Sally then rubbed my hard cock through my undies and said how hard it was. She then pushed me back on the bed and removed my. "You aren't going to like what's about to happen, hence the gag andhandcuffs. But if you try to scream, or get away, or resist in any way, Iswear I'll cut your throat and let you bleed to death" The steadiness ofhis gaze, and the absolute certainty in his voice convinced me he meantit."If you stay quiet, and do as I say, I promise you, after it's over I'lllet you go. Now what's it going to be? Will you be good?"I nodded, slowly. I was so confused. What was he going to do?"Good girl" he stood up.

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