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“Yes, but she’s not coming out just yet. So, do you love her?”The question was arresting. I’d not allowed the ‘L’ word into my deliberatio...s.“Don’t know,” I said, “I am very attracted to her as a woman, she’s very good looking–”“You can say that again!” exclaimed Colette.“I’m very attracted to her as a woman, she’s very good looking,” I repeated doggedly, and got a half-smile for it. “She’s also thoughtful, she looks after me, she enjoys what I enjoy–”“So you have had sex then!” she said. ....The silence went for a minute, then two, then three. Oh boy I thought, am I in trouble here! "He is still looking at me" she finally said."He probably finds you as sexy as I do" I replied. I was in so deep trouble here that it really couldn't get worse. So I really had nothing to loose by saying that. Silence......A few minutes pass, I tactically kept my mouth shut (the married guys out there will understand). "Oh" she said. Well, at this point. She was still sat there with her dress rode. When I questioned her about my short she said night you went to pee and left it there only. I took it for washing in the morning. I said I need to use the toilet.Our bathroom was like we had two doors in a row. The first one to enter the bathroom and the next one to enter the toilet. So if we open the toilet door we enter the bathroom. She asked to use the toilet while she is having her bath. I said ok and went inside. I started hearing sounds from outside.I knew she was completely naked. I. Thanksto my friends and my family, that sign has, over the months, shrunk andshrunk to the point where it's virtually invisible. After I got out ofhospital, the 'sign' returned, bigger than ever.My family, of course, was as supportive as they could possibly be. Mumensured that I was comfortable during my recovery (I was off school thewhole week following my stay in hospital), and grandma stopped by almostevery day to ensure that I was happy and, more importantly, well -fed. Atleast one of my.

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