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I smiled as I kissed her. She pulled off her nighty and tossed it on the floor then helped me pull my shirt off. I ran my hands over her tight and to...ed body and sighed, was this really the same girl whobonly a few short years ago was having Tea Parties and playing with Barbie dolls? She gently wrapped her petite fingers around my stiff prick and started rubbing the head up and down on her pussy. "I heard it hurts...does it?" she asked."At first yeah, but not for long." I said smilingApril. My cock throbbed and I arched my back as he moved it in and out of my hole. Finally, he pushed me back, placed a hand under each knee and lifted my ass slightly off of the couch. His gigantic cock throbbing slightly, as it stood at attention. At that moment, I looked up at his muscular torso, chiseled sinew, his pecs flexing. I reached down, grabbed his massive phallus and rubbed the head over my well lubed anus. Up and down......several times, as I attempted to relax as to accept him into me.. My father is a successful doctor who values his time away from the city. He just enjoys the creature comforts of home. The cabin was spacious and had a well stocked refrigerator and bar. This was the first summer that he trusted Kunjal and me enough to come up on our own. Being a realist he warned Kunjal and I about boating drunk but after that he just told us to have a good time. He was even more relaxed about the situation when we told him that Sapna was coming with us.Sapna and Kunjal were. I ... like ... like it..." she groaned softly, afraid toresist the men-now."Say it, baby! Say you like dick! Come on! Say you like cock!" the tallhard-cocked stud growled."I ... I like cock ... I like cock..." she cried desperately."Wanna suck it? Huh?" the man insisted, balling his fist and threateningto hit her."Yes! Yes! Oh God! Anything! Just leave me alone! Please leave mealone!" Sheila cried."That's not convincing enough, baby! Beg for it! C'mon, bitch, beg!Beg!" the horny stud roared,.

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