Be proud of yerself. A couple more days and you'll be an old salt!"Steve chuckled; Marie blanched but she did smile, after a moment."Thanks, Corky, bu... if it's all the same to you, I'd rather be a bit more steady and a little less salty. Is this, these waves and wind, what we can expect on this trip?" Oh, no, Miss Marie ... I expect it could get somewhat worse, with a good chance of ice and bergs. But it's nothing we haven't seen before. The Endeavor is a grand old girl; she can handle a lot. "Hi, Pam," Mr. Thorn said."Hi, Mr. Thorn." She pushed the heavy door closed and leaned on the counter to watch him work. "What are you making?" Well, we've got chicken and hamburgers, and I got corn on the cob over there and some scalloped potatoes," he said, pointing to each item with the knife. "What do you like?" I want a hamburger," Pam said. She held herself up on her elbows and let her legs dangle under the counter."With cheese?" Yeah."Mr. Thorn nodded and got a package of cheese from the. It came crashing down across her ass, causing a startled sigh. "That one left a mark on your ass. I should say my ass, because after tonight it belongs to me." She turned her head to look up at me, and as our eyes met, I recognized her submission. She was not happy that this was happening that way, but she recognized that I was about to take what is mine. My hand continued to rain blows upon her ass.I released my hand from her mouth. "My little poppet won't make any untoward sounds now, will. But after the last time that she stranded him handcuffed to his bedpost… he was taking no chances with her. Though the panties he’d managed to keep were a nice consolation prize. Venturing upon the curve of her straining neck, he reached up for the strappy restraints with one hand, whilst testing her derriere’s firmness with the other.What was he up to, she mused between hazes of lip-induced euphoria. At times his hands or tongue left her, and she would want to open her eyes, but before.

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