At around quarter to 2 I went back out into the hall and to my sister’s room, gently tapping on her door. No answer. I took hold of the door handle ...nd slowly twisted it open and pushed it open a bit. I peeked through the crack and tried to see where she was. I opened her door up more and more trying to find her but she wasn’t anywhere in the room. Where was she I thought to my self ?. She hadn’t been in her room for nearly two hours. I slowly walked down the hallway and tiptoed down the stairs. “Fell, huh,” said Bobby, realizing that something bad had happened here.“He knows better than to hit me,” said Martha, nervously, aware he hadn’t accepted her somewhat lame excuse for the hole in the wall, “but sometimes he gets angry when I try to get him to stop drinking. I hid his bottle, yesterday, and he got mad.”“Where is he now?” Bobby asked.“He went fishing,” she said, her face straight.“Are you in any danger?” he asked.“No ... please, Bobby, don’t worry about me. He won’t hurt me.” She. The music had been loud but very good and Jaq had danced with several of the guys.The vodka was plentiful and before long everyone was merry.The few girls that were there were soon pairing up with some of the lads but six guys were left unoccupied and turned their attention to Jaq. Jimmy was the first to ask Jaq for a kiss and she duly obliged. As they kissed, Jaq could feel the bulge against her as his cock was swelled.Not being the shy type, Jaq asked if he would like to go somewhere a little. I told her that I did not want anything bad happening to her, if only I could guarantee that. I washed her again, and we went to sleep with me holding her.When I saw the brothers the following day, it was clear that I had made some new enemies. It was clear that the younger brother had been crying, and also that the older one winced when he sat down. The look I got from him was so full of hatred that I knew that even if he would now avoid me in order to keep his father happy, he certainly would.

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