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. I ran my finger straight back into my medium length blond hair."Ray... Shit, How awkward." I said to myself.Ray was Dan's (My fathers' Business son, he also went to my School before we had graduated before the summer. He was one of the cooler guys in high-school, he seemed to have more success than I did with making friends even though our fathers were involved with the same business. While I never really had any close friends, more just acquaintances, Hell I had never even been. Not until now.He watched Jake scoop up some of the unsoiled cum and lick it and purr audibly. All Rob could think as he licked his own lips was, “Yes, I would. I would like to taste some of that.”It was going to be an semi-shamed walk home for Rob, since half of his cum was all over the legs of his jeans, and much of it dusted in forest dirt and leaves by the time he hit the main road. But for him, it was so fucking worth it. It had opened his eyes and mind to things he’d kept secret from. I love giving it and having it given to me. Sixty-nine has been a favorite number for years. So, Jules and I waste no time once we made it to her room. Although I think if the elevator needed to go up a few more floors, we might have given someone a real shock when the doors opened.Once safely in her room, we barely made it to the bed as clothes went flying and I ended on top of her. Since I was about half again her body weight, I tried to be careful, but she was having none of that. As I said,. ” It started with an older, but beautiful “doctor” sitting in a lab. She explained, “For thousands of years, semen, or sperm or the seed, has been proven to have an aphrodisiac effect on women and men. New studies, conducted in our labs, are proving that ‘eating the seed’ is actually good for your body.” The screen split into two parts. The “doctor” remained as a talking head in a bubble in one corner of the screen, while pornographic images made up the rest. This movie was unlike any porno I.

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