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Sliding herself up until the tip was just inside of her opening she suddenly dropped herself down and enveloped the entire length of my thick cock.She...sat there for a moment, not moving, her eyes closed. With a slight smile on her face, she opened her eyes and started moving up and down on my cock, rocking her hips. As I began bucking my hips into her she leaned forward and put her hand on my chest.”Slown down, be patient,” she whispered.Leaning back she grabbed my hands and placed them on her. I’ve never had a man come so hard between them. Oh yes, you’re not the first to take his pleasure between them, but I never liked it with them as much as I did with you. You’re so greedy for me. Tell me, is it a dream come true, seeing these soft brown breasts wrapped around you?”“Yes,” I replied huskily.“I love it too. They’re all yours, all for you, slick and oily and eager for your hot cum to spray all over them. I love how my body makes you so hot. You think it’s the most beautiful body. Looking up and seeing her nicely built butt, Sai immediately put his arms around her waist and drove her against the wall. On the way to being driven, Anna fell down and was feeling the arousal heighten which made her lose her tanktop. Sai aggressively grabbed on to the short shorts which she willingly lost being so aroused.Sai stared down the brunette who was in her bra and panties, her camel-toe just ready to bust out. An intense yet arousing look in her eyes, Anna immediately tried to. I wanted him in me as I did."Please Alex. Make love to me. I want you in me, now," I pleaded.He looked up at me, the pleading so evident. He rose up and came over me, planting his hard cock in the entrance of my pussy. We had decided to wait so that our honeymoon would be like a real one, full of unsatisfied desire. I had almost given in to his teasing several times, but we had waited. Now, I was so hot and wet, he slid in easily, even though we had not had sex in several weeks. Alex bottomed.

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