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I will tell you as much as you want to knowor as much as I think you can handle. I asked how this all came about andif there was anything I could do ...o prevent it from happening. We willsee is all she could muster. I am having you fitted with a chastitydevice that will prevent you from having orgasms with out my expressedapproval. The on-board ships doctor will see you in about an hour.Additionally you will receive a tattoo that clearly marks you as myproperty. When she asked if I had any. With that the meeting broke up everyone having something to look at. I wondered back to my office and thought about the problems we were having and decided that nothing much had changed over the years we still had the same issues and no good way to resolve them.Rick and I flew up to High Level and talked to the managers and a few of the supervisors about the problems they were having. All of the answers we received were the same. It would seem that in the summer there were not as many people in. When we got to the beach, we saw that the company had set up a volleyball net for the staff, and Christine and Nichole got a game started. I laid back and watched, trying to collect my head and get the lump out of my chest, while Tammy joined in. The game was actually entertaining to watch, partly because the players were pretty good, and partly because the girls looked great jumping up and down in their skimpy swimsuits. The trash talking got worse and worse as the game went on, too. After. She was very self-conscious about herself. I reached for her and pulled her to me. We started kissing and I rolled her onto her back. I ran my hand over her large, heavy breasts and massaged them. I moved down and sucked her big, thick nipples and ran my hand over her stomach. She tried to take my hand away."I want to feel and see all of your beautiful body,” I told her."But that part is... ugly,” she said quietly."Not to me... and not to Chris,” I assured her.I sucked, licked and kissed her.

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