There was a lot of space between us, but we were sharing a single mattress. Every time I moved, the mattress would move.After some time, Paul turned t...wards me and looked at me. The soft lighting in the room was setting a romantic mood. I knew that Paul was married but my sexual urges were out of control.“Not feeling sleepy?” He asked me“No, can’t stop overthinking,” I replied, still facing the other side“Overthinking about what?” He asked“Like you don’t know,” I answeredHis hands came on my. Maine usse loda muhh mai lene ko kaha wo mana kr rahi thi. Mai boht exited tha us waqt r uske mana krne pr v maine aapna loda riya k muhhh mai de diya r ander bahr krne laga. Uska ye phli br tha toh maine v beech mai brake le liya r fir dubara usse lode ko chussne kaha ab esbr wo aram se tayar hogayi r halke se lund chusna suru kiya aahh boht maza aaraha tha ye mera phli br tha . mujhe phle toh kch smjh nahi aaya fir jb wo lund ka topa aache se chusna suru kara toh fir maazzaaa aagaya.Ab kahir. Then i removed the black bra of her and started sucking. She was thoroughly enjoying it. slowly she removed my shirt and started biting my nipples. meanwhile i was caressing her back. There was no conversation going on and probably each one of us was understanding this. Suddenly i took her face in my hand and started to kiss her. then i made her lay on bed and lied on her. Now i was wildly kissing her and she was caressing my back. Slowly, i removed all her clothes one by one. I had seen lot of. “Letting the callers in” she calmly replied. I was completely confused, this was not like her. Something was wrong. She showed the men in and brought them in to introduce me. “This is my husband. Honey, these two boys were here earlier and I asked them to come back at 6:00 to talk to us.” “What!?” was my reply, she knew I had no interest in this shit and that I would be irritated with the whole thing. Although, she obviously figured since I had just enjoyed an awesome blow job I might be.

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