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" Rose, my manager, further humiliated me by commenting on howshe always thought I was too attractive to have been born a man,mentioning my delicate ...eatures "pretty eyes" and thin build. Playingalong with their fantasy I jokingly said if I were a woman I'm sure Iwould be a complete "knock-out!" since I have sold women's shoes andaccessories for long enough to know what looks good. I further stated,"If I were a woman I could never imagine myself being with a man." Thiscomment caught the. No one knew if this was correct but we argued about it and I thought it was as good an explanation as any unless you picked a Lamarckism theory that the disease caused the change.The ability to 'taste' affected the way we learned basic military formations and training. We 'tasted' the sergeants and were quickly able to tell when they were really annoyed and just pretending to be. Our 'tasting ' of each other led us to be able tell when a file leader began to march or was going to stop by. As Bill grunted and shoved his fingers hard up inside me, I watched jets of thick cum explode from the purple head of his beautiful cock. Spurts of hot cream splashed against my tits and continued to pour from his pulsing shaft. I was lying in a puddle of wetness from my own pussy, watching a thick pool of Bill’s cum collect on the bed between us. I kissed Bill deeply and asked “Have you ever cum that fast in your life? I’ve never felt anything like that!” He laughed and said “Not since high. Now and then as I stroked a nipple or stroked her thigh in the right way, she would softly moan into my mouth, pushing me further into ecstasy. As much as I loved the feeling of her hand, I stopped her and laid her down along the bench. I lifted the flap of her loin cloth to reveal tiny white panties, almost translucent, soaked with her juices. With her nearside leg over my shoulder I nuzzled up inside her thigh to her moist sex lips, tearing at the panties with my teeth. The heady scent of her.

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