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So we made our way upstairs, me leaning on him, giggling, playing the drugged out slut bimbo. I amused myself pretending to lose my balance, forcing to stagger around carrying me. I wandered or lunged off in other directions on impulse, forcing him to guide me back where he wanted me. It was a game, frustrating him. I was having fun, a sense of sly adventure that mixed with my horniness. There was no threat at all. I felt completely relaxed and in control.So by the time we actually. Dabeifiel mir auf das seine H?nde mit einer ca. 20 cm kurzen Stange verbundenwaren. Er f?hrte mich ins Wohnzimmer. Dort sa? Loreen mit 2 Besucherinnenin der Sitzecke. Zu F??en der Frauen knieten 2 M?nner und 4 Jungen. Siewaren ebenso gekleidet wie Carmen, bei genauerem Hinsehen erkannte ichJune und July. Die beiden anderen Jungen kannte ich nicht. Die M?nner unddie Jungen standen auf und begr??ten mich. Loreen bemerkte meinenirritierten Blick und kl?rte mich auf. Am Sonnabend sollte bei. .I can't believe I am staring at it......what's wrong with me, why am I so fascinated with it." What I wanted to be only a second turned into seconds and Marcus noticed my eyes staring. I immediately turned my head to the wall in front and hoped that he didn't notice, or would just shrug it off. He left the urinal before me, washed his hands, and said bye to me. Whew, I thought, no worries. However, why was I so mesmerized by his cock? It was just the size I thought, that's it, it had to be it,. I drove to LA taking the Eastern Route, and this time I decided the Central one would be a nice change of pace.We took showers and turned in early on Friday night, and on Saturday morning we were up and on the road by 5 AM. We stopped in the desert to get breakfast about an hour after we left, and Linda took over driving. And it continued like this for the next 18 hours, swapping drivers every few hours and only stopping for food, gas, and quick bathroom breaks. Finally at shortly before.

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