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I want to earn a scholarship and I treated this round as my first round for qualifying. I was completely focused all day."Roger put a hand on his son'... shoulder, "Great job, Dave. But we should get going - it's going to be long drive."Dave nodded, "Just let me get my card signed off then I'll meet you two in the parking lot."Roger offered to take his clubs to the car, so Dave passed them to him before he walked over to his three playing partners huddled behind the green. Dave passed one player. Ze vraagt weer verder. Het ijs isal aardig gebroken, maar ze laat me wel merken, dat zij ook mijn bazinzal zijn als ik het baantje krijg. Mijnheer van der Speuren bevestigtdat: 'Als we het eens worden, moet je wel weten, dat zowel mijn bevelenals de bevelen van mijn vrouw stipt worden opgevolgd. Anders kunnen weniet samenwerken. Dat zal je altijd in de gaten moeten houden.'Ik begrijp dat en zeg dan ook: 'Dat is geen enkel probleem. Ik zalalles wat jullie opdragen gewoon uitvoeren.'Mevrouw. But Ihad to get to know her better. A lot better.So I swaggered into that seething pit of teenage alliances and socialdramas and walked straight up to the King of the whole shitpile. Karldidn't much like me. I didn't much like him either and let him knowexactly what I thought. Those other kids, they must've thought I wasdrunk out of my mind. I was cold sober. Karl knew it as well. It didn'ttake much to goad him into a fight. The dude was tough; he knew how tofight. I was tougher; I fought. "Liesl?" Marilyngasped. "You have grown so big. And who is that you are holding." It is Mark. He's 10 months old now. Do you want to hold him?"Marilyn just stared at the tiny baby, and said nothing, although the joydisappeared from her face. Shelly jumped in, and took the little onefrom her younger sister and started cooing and making baby talk to thechild. She didn't even notice Marilyn turn away and walk away from therest.Helen, the mother, and River did notice, and immediately ran after.

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