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Hank's perfect tanned body was highlighted by its color and featured by all of her exposed skin. The skirt was short, ending a couple of inches above knees and was multiple layers of silk chiffon. If Hank were to spin, the skirt was full enough that it would float out straight. Against such an eventuality, Kathy had also provided her with a beautiful white lace bikini. She was also wearing a double strand of pearls and pearl earrings. The only note of color was a crimson carnation Celeste. Her black rimmed glasses were on the tip of her nose and with her finger, she curled her long black shoulder length hair. Through her glass desk I could see her tight black leather trousers she had on and black 5" heals. She had walked through my office earlier in the day and I had nearly cum in my pants on seeing walk past in those tight leather trousers which made her ass look so perfect I just wanted to bite it .She looked up and caught me druling over her leather trousers. Do you like me. He doesn’t know anything, let’s have lunch.”The Warden was visibly pale, “PSI Corps, what has the Army to do with this?”“Shiss raids on a Federal Installation are Fleet business and since you are not talking, they will have the PSI corps take you apart.”He nodded defeated, “Yes, of course.” He then said, “I might not be important enough to be killed or know anything, but I do know the guy who approached me, right here on Recksnostal. He might know something!”Decker grinned, “That’s a start.”As. Next day again I was sent to her home rang the bell and again she stood before me in another simple yet hot saree exposing her assets pretty sensuously and in a homely way. Just by seeing her l get so aroused , what would happen then when she hugs me or something. I followed her sorry her ass and this time we straight away went to kitchen.Again the same thing happened like yesterday, cooking and but this time accidentally my hand touched her naked hip and that sent shivers down my spine. Here I.

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