You were a hardened warrior at barely 26 and thanks to your intense training many considered you to be the best of the best. No other soldier could ev...n compare, struggling to even keep up against you when sparring. This has lead to your fellow knights giving you respect, but also to many of them feeling distrustful of what you could do.Many admired you, not only because of your knighthood, but because you were also considered one of the most beautiful women on the kingdom. Despite your intense. They can't handle it so well if you try pulling your knot out too soon.}}{{Poor bitches, }} Damien felt sorry for Veronica and her kind. {{So what can I do about it?}}"Quit pulling, you dumb animals!" Veronica interrupted their conversation. "I... I am Veronica Lodge and I deserve to be treated with respect."{{What is she complaining about now?}} Damien tilted his head in confusion.{{Oh same-O-same-O, }} Hotdog told them. {I think its time that Miss Veronica Lodge gets a lesson she won't soon. .. a lot. Katie! Katie the Ice Maiden. Married, and don't you forget it. The pictures of hubby and kids on her desk, just to let everyone know. Didn't stop me and all the other guys ogling her and imagining though. She had legs that went on forever, certainly right to the top or bottom depending on your point of view. Superb butt, when you reached it, all topped off by a slim-line body and a rack to die for. She certainly featured in my dreams. Katie was carrying a pint of beer. To be exact. "If you don't let me pay, I'm going to sleep in the cab." Suit yourself, but if you do, you're going to miss out on all of this."With that, when I saw that no one was looking our way, I stood up, placed my hands behind my head and flexed, expanding my chest to its maximum.I looked at the shocked expression on his face and the growing bulge in his pants, laughed, and walked out leaving him with the check."I'm going to get you for that," he said when he finally climbed back into the truck."I'm.

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