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I sure wasn't the man I used to be. I heard the mantle clock strike one. Joe was working a finger in and out of my virgin ass, then squeezing two, and...finally three. I was squirming about and it felt so good, my cock was starting to leak and leave a stain on my panties. I heard some car doors slam, and voices as the door to the cabin opened. Joe placed a mask over my eyes, and I could only see a bit out of the bottom. Joe went downstairs, and told the guest he had a nice surprise for them, but. She placed it against her asshole, and gently she pushed outwards with it. He looked straight into her eyes as she smiled that smile. He pushed forward slowly. Her body resisted the act, but his pressure was slow and constant. That, mixed with their wetness was all it took. Suddenly all barriers gave way and he entered her ass. He pushed forward into her body had accepted him totally. Again they started to fuck. Her ass was so very tight, the sensation was completely different from her. When Emily got up to turn off the DVD I definitely saw a dark sport on her G-string when she bent down. She got back into bed and we played the usual game of ‘would you rather’. It started off silly enough like, would you rather eat leftovers from ten years ago or kiss the ugliest guy you know in front of you parents. But the themes became more sexual. When I asked Emily, would you rather fuck an old man or lick another girls pussy, she took a moments hesitation before answering “the girl”.. I've pictured you moving like that naked countless times. I pictured you right with so many times. Don't be embarrassed baby. It's fucking sexy. Watching your little body bounce around... I love it when your ass bounces and those cheeks clap. My god Zoe..." All I could picture was my baby sister wearing that red thong and lace bra on that stage twerking her little ass making her cheeks clap. I could not hold still any longer...I begin dumping my steel hard 8-in cock in and out of Zoe's little.

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