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I’m sure you’re thinking you know what's coming next. In one swift motion I stand up and press my palms flat against your chest. It takes little ...ffort to push you onto the bed. I slowly get up on the bed with you and straddle your legs. I can hear you groan as I run my hands from your shoulders, down your stomach to your hips. Hovering once again over your crotch, I can see your cock twitch as I tease you. I trace my fingers in circles close to your cock but never touching it. I start my. The place is busy with people having dinner and she is seated in a far corner at a two seater table. She orders a drink of wine and her meal and waits. As she sits there staring out the window at the darkening sky, she thinks about how she’ll pleasure herself later. Her thoughts are running wild, and the space between her legs were feeling damp from arousal when the waiter came back with her wine. She smiles pleasantly and thanks him graciously. “Um, would you mind if we sat another customer. She spun around and asked,“Would you get my zipper?” I swallowed hard as I stood up and took in a whiff of her perfume. I zipped the zipper up and fastened the small clasp at the top. She turned and faced me. “I don’t look too whorish, do I?”“Not in the least bit.”Our conversation to K-Pauls was light and enjoyable as we both got to know each other a bit better. As we stepped into K-Pauls, I could tell every guy in the place looked in our direction. Kelly sparkled in her sexy black cocktail. She looked at me then smiled and asked, "You like that?" I just nodded my head yes. I was shocked by all of this.I stopped and it got me mad. I had to use the restroom. I said, "I have to go pee." And she says, "Ironic," and smiles. She followed me into the restroom and it was funny cause she was so taller than me, but I felt good. I went to pee, and she glanced and smiled at one point. I shook, etc. I turned around facing her with my dick still and right when I was going to zip up my pants she.

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