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I started gently rubbing her hands with my other hand. I touched her cheek and she pressed her cheeks on my palm. “Do you want to go in?” I indica...ed towards the bed room. She nodded and I led her in the bedroom. The bedroom was dark with only the side lamps on.She climbed up and lied down on the bed and looked at me. I climbed over her top to the other side and started caressing her cheek. Her eyes were closed and I moved my hand down gently caressing her breasts and tummy.It was hard for me. I said, "Let the sex games start." I pulled Joan to me and I could feel the heat from her body. Her breasts were pushed into my chest. She pressed her body to me and wrapped her legs around my leg. I could feel her wetness on my thigh. Bill moved behind her and started thrusting his cock between her ass cheeks. I pressed my cock to her cunt. Joan moaned. Bill and I pushed our cocks between her legs and rubbed them against each other. Joan knelt down and took both cocks in her hands and started. Andrew promptly moved over to her and gave her the same treatment. “Oh, Aunt Jane, forgive me, forgive me!”She laughed at him. “You really are a little bastard!” She grabbed the jug of chardonnay and led the others up to the master bedroom.It wasn’t much more than a minute’s work for Andrew to strip his mother and his aunt. He had their dresses unzipped at the back as soon as he got inside Jessica’s bedroom, and then it was just a matter of unhooking the catches on their halter tops. They slid. I hurriedly rearranged my legs, and hoped that they haven’t managed to see anything.Just then Mukesh smiled and said, wow ruchi, red really looks nice on you. I blushed again. I was wearing red panties and the guys must have seen that clearly. Finally I just gave up on trying to organize myself and just slammed the laptop cover shut. I was dying of shame and somehow also found myself a little turned on. Also I was thinking how the fuck am I gonna face these guys tomorrow at college. They.

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