“Sorry, Mistress. Your slave forgot himself in his excitement. Your slave will be pleased beyond words if Mistress decides to do that.” “Stand ...p and remove your clothes.” Clyde stood up and Brian watched as he removed his shirt and pants, looking down at the floor the entire time. Brian felt an urge in his dick at the sight of Clyde’s cock, large and erect, hanging out before him. Ruby was hungrily staring at it and enthusiastically grabbed it, yanking Clyde towards her and startling him,. I glanced at my phone. Nothing. Before I left him last night, I'd put my number in his phone and told him to text me. But now, I was starting to wonder if he would. I mean, what if all he wanted was a quick hookup with a younger woman - and that was it? He really didn’t seem like the type. I kept going back to the way he looked at me. Those weren’t the eyes of someone just looking for a quick hookup.The front door opened, and my roommate, Jessica, walked in. She said "Hi" and proceeded to dump. Soon both were being introduced to bondage, domination and discipline, especially corporal punishment. This pleased their foster parents no end since this was now incorporated into their daily activities at home. Annie's parents were in the medical profession; her father was a gynecologist, and his wife was a nurse. Jill spent hours on the examination table, her naked body securely restrained, legs spread to their limit by the stirrups and her plump bottom elevated to allow the. "Im trying to see if I can see your bra or your panty line. But I cant." I said and smiled towards her."Fucking perv." she said to me and hit me on my arm.I laughed at her and smiled wider.We continued walking and none of us didnt really notice how much time we had spent before we started to see people eating lunch at the restaurants. After a short period of time we also decided to stop and eat. We sat for probably a couple of hours at the restaurant, enjoying our food and our company, but in.

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