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Her paranoia seemed substantiated."LA became a sanctuary. She lived in a fancy house up in the hills, some well to do glitter rocker keeping her as on... of his house girls. She actually helped with promotion and eventually with getting drugs for him, but kept pretty much inside the home. He'd take her to parties or to a gig or two, but she stayed out of sight for the most part for over a year."Then the guy turned mean one night, so she split and headed here to San Francisco. After a year she. We all knew that eventually the TSN would have to amass enough ships to take us on with overwhelming numbers. That would take the pressure off of the Resistance and allow them to make significant gains. Though our fleet would most likely take a beating, it was hoped that we could do enough damage to make any victory the TSN won a pyrrhic one. The Fleet was in the last stages of making ready to go to war. The last of the new ships were on their shake down cruises when Admiral Shehane. Obviously, he is awake. The bathroom in my room is closed so I went to see if he was there. The doorknob open as i turned it which means it's not locked, so I push it and the light was not on, oh okay he not here. I searched outside, to the living room, to the playground, to the poolside and he's not there too. I go back to the kitchen and he is still not around.He shouldn't be in my parents room yet there's no other place to look for so I came there to check. And yes, I can hear the shower is. What do you think Chad?”Before he can say anything, I push him on his back and mount his seven inch. Nicole moves so she can kiss me and play with my tits as I fuck Chad."Oh God Sally, your pussy is so tight!" Chad reaches over and shoves two fingers in Nicole's wet snatch. Nicole lets out a gasp escape her lips as Chad pushes up against me as we fuck. Nicole alternates from one nipple to the other, biting and pulling my nipples as hard as she can."AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! I scream out as Chad pounds.

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