Gladys knew what was happening.Timmy felt the head grow even larger in his mouth but Gladys kept up thepace. "That's it precious. Yes, so nice and l...dylike. Keep sucking!Don't make a mess now," she ordered as Ned continued his urgent moans asTimmy flailed. And then Gladys heard the guttural grunt from Ned and thepleasured moan as he laid back, his eyes closed. Gladys knew Ned wasbeginning to spurt, she held Timmy tight a he squirmed. "Keep suckingsweetie," She ordered as she watched. “It's not like I have anything that you've never seen before.”“True, but I really don't want to have to drop Matt again if he ever found out about this.” I said zipping myself up. She was watching me tuck my dick away.“I wouldn't worry about it. I don't even think that he remembers that I'm here.” She said wiping herself, and standing up. This time it was my turn to watch her. “He's so engrossed in his glory days, that he doesn't even know that you're here.”I was washing my hands as she. But now my mind and spirit was in danger of being destroyed by the void.I knew that my knowledge of the craft wouldn't help me find my way back, I would need a pole of power to propel me back to my real body, and for that I would need a compatible craft user.I pictured my library of scrolls, moving through it and reading spells that I'd forgotten about, I reached for a new scroll but found my hand passing through it, I was losing my ability, if I did that then I was lost forever.Then one scroll. We were alone and I could feel my lund twitching. I got excited and wanted to touch her but then suddenly the phone bell rang. Sunder had called from the US and she got busy talking to him. After some time, I took leave of her and went home telling that I would be back the next day again by 8 PM. Went home masturbated thinking about her.The next evening when I reached her she told she has to go out of station the following day for some urgent family work and she has to finish her packing for.

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