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I hadn’t finished walking in my room when Sara jumped me, I managed to lock the door behind me as we both dropped on my bed, we were kissing and tou...hing, I was trying to take her jacket off she was trying to do the same to me, I took off her jeans , she took off mine, I took her shirt , she took mine, we were rolling around the bed in our underwear kissing and touching I don’t know when I lost mine, but I know I took off her bra with one hand while at the same time I ripped her panties, Sara. " But sir," she protested, "I only have this pair with me." Don't worry about it," he informed her, "by the time you need them, you will have other shoes. Now follow me please." Yes sir," Nina replied, looking a little more comfortable."Stand here please," Steve ordered, indicating a place near the center of the living room. "I'm going to be moving around as we talk, but I want you to continue facing in the same direction. Do you understand?"Nina swallowed hard, obviously somewhat nervous, "Yes. ’ ‘Um sometimes resignation can be timely, yes?’ ‘Yes,’ Tony grinned. He pushed a button and drapes pulled across the half wall of windows. He ran a prepared presentation loaded on to his computer. ‘These are five very competent females on our payroll who applied to my general email that the new mayor would require a PA. Eighteen applied and our director of staffing and her recruitment manager assure more that all five of these women are eminently suitable for the role and all would work well. I had a list of 8 candidates with me who were called for the interview. I was fairly excited as I had those filmy thoughts in mind that a sexy girl would walk in the door and would satisfy me blah blah. My bad luck only 4 turned up and I would rather not describe them ) also had weak communication and aptitude. So finally I decided to wait and carry on alone.The next day as I was entering the office my boss Mr Bhatia was punching his ID, he asked me about the interviews and I told him.

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