I took them inside and secured them in their cells, the younger one was reluctant, but her sister helped when she asked her to do as I told her. Sever...l years before my grandfather had died leaving me his millions I’d been in the construction business. I’d remodeled a police station in a small town and kept all the old jail cells. I’d installed some of them in this house, and they were about to become the girls permanent homes.The kitchen was my next port of call. I figured I’d eat something. I mean I forone am a lot shorter than her, okay to be honest I am almost five foot.Well, I am almost four foot 9 inches I guess that almost five foot tallI guess sort of.She is ignoring me like usual, as I watch her roll her eyes and I seeher cross her legs. Tina my sister is wearing a short jean skirt and ahalter-top that is screaming for a bigger size. The top is so tight onher you can clearly see the outline of her nipples thru it. You can seeher belly button piercing clear as day as it. If they hadn't I would have wound up on the streets or in prison.Since coming home I have been trying to undo all that stupidity. Butdon't feel sorry for me, I am paying for my own bad decisions. But Iwill change things around. I am determined to be less stupid in thefuture." Then Erin smiled and said "I understand all of you havefinished college. What did you all major in? Did you enjoy school?Are you able to find jobs in your fields?" One by one they told herabout their schooling and. You can tell me anything." She looked up at me, her blue eyes wet with tears."I guess I can, can't I?" she said, managing a little smile."You always can," I told her. She lay against me, sobbing softly. I just held her, feeling a little guilty. I was worried something I had done had upset her, and she was afraid to be frank with me about it."I don't want to lose you," she said softly. "I love you so, so much." I love you too," I told her softly. And it was absolutely true. I completely and.

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