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After about 15 minutes she stood up and then I got to see Mom’s glorious brown bush up close and personal. There, before my eyes not 6 feet away, wa... a wet brown pussy staring me in the face. I nearly came in my pants at the sight of it. I rubbed my cock thru me jeans as I watched her dry herself off. I was longing to help, but had to settle for the site of those tits moving side to side and up and down as she ran the towel over them. I spied on mom as often as possible and loved knowing that I. Jason immediately started licking and sucking Chuck's fingers, tasting his own hot piss. Jason continued to lick and suck Chuck's fingers until Jason's piss stream slowed to a halt, his legs covered in piss, his underwear soaked, his cock visible though the wet briefs.Chuck pulled his fingers from Jason's mouth, "On your knees bitch!" Jason quickly dropped to his knees, now kneeling in his own piss. "You want my cock don't you slut?" Jason nodded yes. "Take it out boy." Chuck smiled as Jason. How kin we be the most he'p?" Seems ta me that the best bet would be fer ya an' yer men an' dogs ta come in from the rear after the cannon, like y'all did the first time. Once ya've taken care of the cannon, then do what y'all kin ta he'p us out. I ain't no great military thinker, so I don't have no grand strategy fer us ta follow." That sounds pretty good ta me, Josh. We'll do the best we kin fer y'all. Just remind the men not ta shoot the dogs." I know ya will, Joe, an' thanks."The Redcoats. The man smartly drew up his knee and made sharp contact with the youth's tender region. The youth buckled over, then staggered back to his friends to a chorus of their jeers."They'll all come back for me now," I predicted from experience."No they won't. And if they do I'll throw them out. I own the pub."I smiled at my protector, and he smiled sweetly back."I'm Caz," he said."Andie," I returned."From the Greek 'andros', meaning 'manly'. You're parents had a sense of irony then."For some reason I.

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