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Come on up to my room. Ithink I've got an extra 'tard that'll fit you."Tard? What the heck is a Tard? But I followed Allison up to her room andshe rum...aged around in her closet and pulled out two things that looked alittle like girl's swimsuits. And then she went over to her dresser andpulled out what looked like long stockings. "Okay," she said, "strip downto your underwear and pull on the pantyhose, and then I'll help you intoyour leotard."Pantyhose? Leotard? Oh man, this was getting kinda. How would this play out over time? What would we do once we got home? “Brian, Is there something on your mind?” Mom could always tell when I was worried. “I’m just wondering what will happen once we get home.” I replied. “What if dad finds out about whats going on? I don’t want to stop what we have, but I don’t want him to find out either.” Mom pulled me up to her face and gave me a sensual, yet reassuring kiss. “Don’t worry about your father Brian, I know how to handle him.” She said. “I know. I was a good mother after all. I used my free hand to open his legs slightly and touch all around his private area. I cupped his scrotum, now tight against his body. I pushed my palm into his perineum, firmly massaging his flesh. I was a bit surprised when I felt his cock beginning to swell in my hand after only a couple minutes. I wondered if he masturbated on his own, or if I was eliciting the first offering from his loins. I looked at the slit on the heat of his penis and saw a growing. Well, I just had tosit back while Cyn did my toes, and mom did my fingers, in a coral pinkcolor. Cynthia insisted that mom took a photo of her hands above mine,showing our alternating turquoise (her) and pink (me) fingers. Of course,mom loved it. "Will this come off?" I asked. "I can show you how, sis,"said Cyn. "You should try on that matching pink dress Mrs. Leavenworthgave you!"While mom and sis were went to the kitchen, I went into our bedroom,pulled off the dress I had worn the last two.

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