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I asked shall I tell Non veg joke, she told no. Next day she called my extn and told me I am getting bore, please talk to me. I asked her shall I tell...the Non veg joke. She told yes and then after listening to my joke, she immediately dropped the phone and went outside the office thousand question popped in my mind how will she react to my joke.Next day, I asked her to join the lunch and we went to cafeteria. She asked about me and asked about my family. I told her I am unmarried guy and. . . Well, I’m not really sure I can call this room an office. Five desks are arrayed around the room in a U-shape, each with another corporate lackey just like myself, looking just as dead eyed and soulless as I feel.Well, except for Sheila at the bend in the U. Mrs. Lance is my boss, and while she isn’t a strict task mistress, she isn’t exactly warm either. I’ve definitely worked for worse bosses, and worse looking. Her long black hair is tied back into a tight bun, making her brown eyes and. "It's like this, Kurt. Nicole's cousin, Mel, helped us out until he graduated. Now we hope you can do the same." Doing what?"Tracy was blunt. "We need you to help us recruit FC."I was sure I misunderstood. She said, "recruit." I thought, How the hell was I going to do that? Then I asked, "How did Nel, or was it Mel, do that?"The SchemeNicole filled me in on their plan. "Here is how it works. We spend a lot of time with the high school kids at parties. When the girls are alone, they gossip. We. Mick was very muscular, masculine over 6’ tall. His hairy chest stretched the t-shirt, he had on. His strong legs and backside deliciously filled his jeans, he wore.Larry was not quite as tall and broad as Mick but still a very fine looking specimen of a man. He looked to be around 40, full head of black hair and sharp green eyes. He appeared very smooth and lean in his t-shirt and shorts. Larry took Ben with him and gave him a tour of the house. It was a beautiful house with a large.

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