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Well I got pissed and was not able to control myself listening to them harass Craig. I stepped out and walked toward told the officers and said: ‘Lo...k the reason he was swerving is because I was giving him a hand job and he was really getting into it.’ I continued with his defense: ‘Look at him if you don’t believe me because his cock is still a little hard.’ It was like a lifetime the officers stood there saying nothing, just staring at me. All of a sudden they looked at each other and busted. She slowly strolled up to me, kissed me and hugged me,"Honey, we have a lot to talk about."Chapter FourteenTheresa grabbed my hand and walked me back to the bedroom. She had madethe bed already. "Here, you need to get dressed, wear these," handingme her underwear, a sports bra and white cotton panties, "I'll get youan outfit," and she disappeared into her walk-in closet. I was feelinglike a woman but was back-tracking on it after talking to Larry. I wasstill holding her underwear when she. I looked out the window for her arrival and my heart skipped a beat when I saw her drive up. I was naked except for my socks.....the tile floor was cold. When she opened the office door she called out for me. I stepped out of the shadows in my birthday suit and approached her. She didn't say a word. She dropped her bag at the door and we stepped into each other's arms. The kiss was phenomenal. Something we've been wanting for a long time. Michele put her arms around my neck. I put my. ?No, you can?t do this to me, I?m a good girl! Pleeaaase let me go, I don?t tell anybody? Annie rose from the armrest in shock. ?You won?t tell anybody anyway?, Donald said. ?Or do you want to be thrown out of school as a filthy whore, who seduced us to have sex with you after you played the mercy nurse?. Annie was shocked about this, this could not be true. It would ruin her life if she was suspended from school. What should she do? Running away was not an option, she could not get out of the.

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