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Gina especially got along with Ashley right off the bat and the two spent most of the day talking to one another. It was clear they were fast friends.... Brandon and Jack were not sure whether it was good or not that the two women got along so well, but Brandon was pleased they got along. He did note that at one point Gina was showing Ashley her ring. As he noticed this his brother said, ‘Look out little bro, they’re having the ring discussion over there. Better get a move on.’ Brandon just. "Oh, look, the new girl has come out of her trance."Mindy didn't recognize this voice, nor did she recognize any of the others that seemed to now gather around her."Mistress Catherine has scored again. These past two weeks have just been amazing for her." Yes, even the great Mistress Catherine doesn't usually find this many beauties in such a short period of time." It's too bad we aren't allowed to play with this one yet – those nipples just look rock hard and I'd love to suck them into my. It was the largest one that I have ever seen and I even hurt trying to get it out of her ass.It was as if her torturers tired of abusing her and tried to outdo themselves on her body each weekend. The torture got continually worse each weekend.Rena would tell me about some of the abuse that she was subject to sometimes with a gleam in her eyes. She was bound in devices and whipped; often limbs were twisted and tied into grotesque shapes then whipped and raped with a dildo. No part of her body. Maybe because I am not that good looking as he was.I told him that nobody loves me. Saying so I again had tears in my eyes.He came close to me and said – I didn’t know that you are that sensitive. Why you have tears in your eyes every time. It’s not that nobody loves you.He held my face with his hands told me that I am very sweet. After that, he grabbed me in his masculine arms. My body was very soft and his warmth was again turning me on. I thought that this was my chance if I really want to.

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