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He kind of shook his head then he asked me if I was gay. I told him no, and that I considered myself bi-sexual with cross-dressing tendencies.He grabb...d me by the waist and pulled me in close. He whispered in my ear that at first he was shocked, but after thinking about it, he was really turned on. When he said this I looked down at his cock and could tell, the monster had grown to about 11.5 inches, rock hard. I gulped a nervous gulp and he pushed me to my knees. Before another word was said,. Ohhhhhhhhas I lap up your sweet nectar and you squeeze my head tight with those beautiful thighsyou collapse, giggling as the tremors subside simmering on my occasional kiss or lick, or rub setting off small tsunamiI work my way back up, kissing you all the way your soft purrs, moans and tremors a delight to hear'Give me a minute to get my breath back,' you begmy cock strokes you . We all start to walk slowly forward. This is really it! Really it is! We are actually doing this thing. I've got a stab of fear and excitement both at once, but mainly excitement. I want to laugh and giggle. Fat Daphne is actually going to run a Marathon!!Katya: Out of the park and the course turns left and we pass through the first timing gate and that's it: we are now on the course. Our timing chips will have been recognised and we are into the race at last. I have this odd feeling of trying. As you nose her panties, you can tell she is shaved, her panties sticking to her swollen labia. You kiss and lap at this place of heaven until your own attention dissolves. You don't want to stop licking but you can't concentrate. Her mouth is so soft, wet, and warm. It is much like a pussy but unique... the soft sc**** of her teeth as she draws almost all of your cock into her mouth... the squeeze of her throat as your head pushes in... the stroke of her cheeks as she sucks. Your hands gently.

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