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"Anyway, Jaiden's looking for you. We've got our hands full and inventory needs doing." "So he wants me to do it." I guessed, raising a slim eyebrow, ...nd he nodded. I sighed, but grabbed the inventory clipboard from my desk, and switched the phones over to the headset I settled in my ear before walking further back after Nick. He slowed his pace, so I could keep up, and we made small talk through the maze of hallways until we reached the service elevator that went one floor down, to where. “I hate wearing that stupid thing.” She told me. And then she looked over at me and saw me staring. She rolled her eyes and shook her head, “Gezzz, Tommy, you’re such a boy. Here.” And she pulled her t-shirt back up and gave me a long look at her small boobs.When she finally lowered her t-shirt again, she said, “Now, put your eyes back in your head and let’s catch some fish.”Thirty minutes or so later, I needed to pee, so I got up and hurried over to the only large tree in the area. It was. “And what say you?”“I say the same as my sister,” she said in a low firm tone.Mathew continued to stare at her, and Laurie saw her sister tense up, but she kept her eyes on Mathew’s, in the same defiance that her aunt had used.Finally, he gave a little sigh and after shooting Trudy another frustrated glance he turned away from them all.As Laurie studied him she noticed the thick white streak of hair amongst the thick darkness of his mane, the sign perhaps of a scar at the back of his skull?. She grasped my shaft through my pants and pushed me further into the room. Stumbling backwards I tripped over a cushion and landed softly on my back."Undress." Mumtaz ordered me. My fingers stumbled and flew to my shoes, throwing them to a corner of the room. My pants and shirt followed soon after. When I pulled down my underwear, the three women gasped. "Oh, my god, he's huge! Really very very huge." said Sonali. "He's even bigger than bull. Oh my god I can't wait to shove that all inside me..

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