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" explained Virginia.I thought for a minute then said, "I am not sure how this will work out but I would like Virginia to be my first wife and be resp...nsible for the house so to speak. Not to say that any of the others would have less standing but I feel a need to have a single person to go to when something important comes up!"Again Linda caught me off guard. "I agree, and Lord knows I do not want that position. We will need a first wife to settle small disputes and make sure things run. ‘A life energy unit cannot be destroyed. The order has been in effect for fourteen months. At that time, the Seeker Eliannai reached through time to contact me in order to appraise the Captain of your current situation. Together, the Captain and the Seeker determined that I was to accompany the Carte Blanche wherever she goes until the completion of the New Eden Project.’“How do you know it was her?” Sibilius asked.This tale was too fanciful to be true, but the Praetor was certain of its facts,. ”“Joyce, that’s not you,” I protested.She spoke softly, “It isn’t, but it is. I need, at least once, to push the limits, to be uninhibited, to be wild. This is my best chance. If I’m going to do this, it has to be with someone I trust completely, someone who knows me and someone who will stop if I change my mind. And it has to be with someone who has done it all. When you come back from Sweden, who knows what will happen. Plus, I’ll be going to college. So tonight I want it all, everything.. “Okay. I’ll introduce Pool to my friends while you guys go ahead. Don’t mind me. You just keep fucking. I don’t care. Remember I’m a deity too now and one thing I already know how to do is fire you off the end of my penis like a missile right over the far end of the spa.”So crazy, as usual, Siza and Fern were the most gremlin of the bunch and I herded one or the other around in the water fucking them from behind, more ejaculations, better controlled but still forceful enough to make them take.

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