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“I don’t think I can do that…” She replies, “Do you want to keep your job?” I kneel between her legs nervously, she spreads her legs and I...kiss her inner thigh up to her panties and I lick her slit through the thin material and it starts getting damp from my tongue and her juice. She says, “That’s good Nathan.” I move her panties to one side and place a kiss on her clit before my tongue starts to lick slowly at her opening. She moans softly in approval and leans back on the desk. I continue my. After college had finished we went back to her place and I asked to freshen up she showed me the bathroom and left me too it, I started to think of the afternoon and my cock went hard I started to wank myself as the door opened and Sally looked and said omg that is massive and reached out and grabbed it and said I have the right place for that. As she led me to her bedroom we starte to kiss and strip.Sally had the perfect figure a shaven pussy and big tits with big hard nipples I lay her on the. She told me that Cordell said to her, “Go on babe, get out my monster.” She continued with her portrayal of what happened next and told me that she slowly tugged at his shorts and slowly revealed his monster! “Baby…It was huge,” She said, it was at least ten inches long and too thick for me to get my hand around.” She told me how she started working it up and down and it seemed to get even bigger, Chris was snapping on his camera as she was working on this monster black cock. Chris shouted,. "See? Now you've got it," Mort chimed in with glee."We'd have to get all the framing members in the drawing numbered so we could label them. That would be easy enough." You'd have to keep track of how many you'd need and how many you made," Mort said."Mort, that's great!" Hal turned and said. "D'ya think Stanton would go for it? We'd be caught up in no time and actually get ahead of Ace Builders down the road." He might," Mort said. "You've got to convince him." What—why me," Hal protested..

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