Sometimes she used to intentionally touch me with her buttocks (gudda). Sometimes she used to sit in my car in the front chair when I take her to hosp...tal in the absence of her husband and she used to sit close towards me and whenever I change the gear my left hand would be touching her buttocks and things. I understand her feelings and try to change the gears quite often and she used to give smile (naughty).I feel very happy and fantasizing about hugging, kissing her lips, boobs, naval and. I realised that she was actually caressing my breasts, her hand was stroking one breast through the silky fabric and gently tweaking my already aching nipples and the other was being kissed and licked through the fabric! I tried to close my eyes and close out the feelings coursing through my body but I could not, I was so turned on I was practically beside myself. I had not realised that the material of her nightdress was scrunched up her back and I was stroking her soft skin without giving it. My ex-wife Marianne and I needed to have some talk about our children and to my great pleasure she accepted my invitation to come with me to the show and agreed that a positive atmosphere during that talk would be of an advantage.When I picked up Marianne she surprised me and looked very gorgeous in a nice dress, make-up and very nice hair-do. She was great and wanted to show me what I had lost in our divorce.At the show we met several acquaintances, talked with some of them and I even saw. " No, you don't know me, not yet. But you will."She looked so caring, and somehow I knew she hurt for my hurt, so I said,"Okay. I'll ... I'll trust you."She smiled, and said, "Go home and sleep. In the morning, you'll haveyour change." Thank you," I said, and stood up."Don't thank me yet. See the change, and then decide if it's what youreally needed."I nodded, and walked away from her, heading for my small apartment.I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep that night. The conversation withher.

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