Patricia shook her head, and told me she was wrong about me. She cared for me and said she shouldn’t have let her own prejudices get in the way. I s...offed at that. I’m a mixed-race Black man. I’m a Muslim. I’m bisexual. I’m uncut. I’m used to having people, especially women, judge me before getting to know me. Patricia told me she wasn’t like other people. I told her to prove it. Patricia nodded, and suddenly she was much, much closer. She took my hand and kissed it, then she asked me for. His hips started to push upwards as he pushed my head down to meet the upward thrust. I was breathing through my nose but still choking and gagging as he was in my throat with each long stroke. James fucked my face for what seemed like a very long time. I was lost, addicted to what was happening, only wanting to please him, only wanting to pleasure him.I could hear him breathing deeper. His thrusts and pushing were faster. The one hand I had on his shaft was being pushed down tighter by my own. "Girls think, 'We're gonna get married, '" she squealed in a high voice. "And the guys are like, 'Next!'"Jen laughed again. "But then the girls snap out of it and then they're like, 'Next!"The other girl laughed. "God," she said seriously. "I totally regret it, the guy I first did it with."Oh shit, thought Ryan. Don't say it Jen, oh please don't say... "Me too!" agreed Jen emphatically. "I know exactly what you mean. God, I wish I'd never even met the guy."Ryan looked down at his hands. He felt. To quench the fire that seems ever burning now. A smile spreads across his face at my eagerness and he spreads my lips, just enough to allow my clit to peek out. "All in good time my pet." Then taking my clit in his mouth he suckles and nibbles at it till I'm shaking. I can feel myself getting close. I try to breath, to calm down so I can enjoy what he's giving me just a while longer. But my body wont listen and I'm forced to think calm thoughts. I know I can't hold much longer. "Please.

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