She stood there with her hair wet and sticking to her, and I wrapped a towel around her shoulders. I grabbed the other towel and slowly dried her. I w...ped her arms, took her hand up to my mouth, kissed her palms, (finally noticed her beautiful French manicured nails) continued to dry her neck, chest, her wonderous tits, flat stomach, strong firm legs, ass, and finally to her pussy with her pussy hair wet and dripping. I had squatted down to get to her legs and now had my face even with her. Besides, dressed as you are, do youthink your daughters will ever let you tell them again what they shouldand should not wear?"Leanne had a point, dressed as I now was, I was in no position to tellmy daughters what they couldn't wear.I wanted to cover my outfit in a Macintosh but Leanne wouldn't let meand I was very worried about stepping outside my front door dressed inmy Maid's uniform."Hurry up or the girls will be late," Leanne said undressing on her wayto the bathroom until she was just. I started liking her but I was not sure if she likes me or not, she was happily married good financial condition and a complete family, then I decided to ask her for a chat, I ask and she got ready, while having chat I told her “I love you”,she didn’t replied for some moment but afterward she told u know what r u telling, I just replied that I was joking and finished the topic. I was confused what the next day will have for me next day after tuition she asked me what I was telling in the chat. ” I stopped the car and helped her get out. We were now comfortable enough with each other that she had no problem leaning on me as we walked up the front steps. She seemed to enjoy the strength in my arms and her hand lingered on my muscled forearm even after I helped her onto the sofa. The room was very comfortable with beautifully crafted furniture, handmade ceramics and lovely paintings on the walls, but the best thing was the view- an entire wall of glass looking across.

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