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Kelly answered the phone, "hello" she said, "kelly it's stacie fancy going to a party tonight it Jimmy's 18th", stacie asked, "sorry I cant I have to ...e babysit for my 2 year old brother, another time though", kellys mum was shouting down, "who is it", " just stacie", Kelly replied, with that kelly said her goodbyes and hung up. Steve, was kelly's dad and he was every woman dreams, tall, dark, nice hair, nice body and by what I have seen a nice manhood. Steve said to Kelly "There twenty pounds. He picked me up and carried me back to his desk and sat down with me on top of his lap. He was talking softly and gently to me and I quieted down and then he started giving me quick little kisses all over my face. His big strong hands were rubbing my back and I could feel his erection every time I wiggled in his lap. I was getting that hot and funny feeling again and then he put his hand on my breast and started squeezing me and I felt my nipple grow hard and hot trails zapping through. Now, we had an older guy named Brad in one room and an older guy named Bill in the room next to him. A guy named Jim was in the room to the left of mine and the new guy named Dennis was in the room to the right of mine so I was sandwiched between them. My mom’s bedroom was downstairs with it’s own bathroom so she was happy and me and the renters shared the two upstairs bathrooms. Dennis the new guy wasn’t young but he was in his thirties so he was younger than the other men. Because of my mom,. My dick was hard the whole time. My wife was pissed that I could not take my eyes off her any way back to the story. Becky said well do you want to screw or what. I looked at her and could see that she had nicer tits than I thought she also had a cute little landing strip just above her cute little love button. She grabbed my dick and dropped her knees and sucked just the head then worked her way up until she had the whole thing balls deep in her mouth. I thought that I was going to blow right.

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Chudakad Chachi/ porn videos

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